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Rratic blood glucose levels lack of appetite acid reflux  spasms of the stomach wall these symptoms may be mild or severe, depending on the person. Back to top   how can gastroparesis affect me and my diabetes? Gastroparesis can make diabetes control more difficult. viagra buy online generic This is because when stomach emptying and absorption is delayed blood sugar levels may rise in an unpredictable way. This can make you prone to both low and high blood glucose levels.   absorption of your medications may also be erratic if you have gastroparesis. viagra without a doctor prescription Occasionally if food stays too long in the stomach you may become more prone to infection. generic viagra online This can in extreme cases lead to hardening of the food into hard balls called bezoars. buy viagra cheap In very rare circumstances it is possible that these could cause a blockage in the bowel. Back to top   how can gastroparesis be diagnosed? Gastroparesis can be suspected if you suffer the symptoms described above. Your doctor may wish to do some other tests. Checking your blood glucose control look for other complications of diabetes. viagra generic This may include some tests of nerve function (tests for diabetic autonomic neuropathy. ) in addition your doctor may wish to exclude other causes of your symptoms. This may include; upper gi endoscopy (a small camera is passed through your mouth to examine your stomach) ultrasound scan. In some situations your doctor may also wish to directly assess how quickly your stomach empties of food. This can be done using an x-ray type of gastric-emptying scan. You eat a meal that contains a radioisotope, a slightly radioactive substance that will show up on the scan. genuine viagra sales The dose of radiation from the radioisotope is small and not dangerous. After eating, you lie under a machine that detects the radioisotope and shows an image of the food in the stomach and how quickly it leaves the stomach. what to tell doctor to get viagra prescription Back to top   how can gastroparesis be treated? Treatment is aimed at both improving blood glucose control and improving your symptoms.   improving blood glucose control may involve a change in you insulin. get free samples viagra Because your food is being absorbed more slowly and at unpredictable times to control blood glucose, you may need to: take insulin more often take your insulin after you eat instead of before check your blood glucose levels frequent. effects of alcohol with viagra get free samples viagra ECOLEX, S.L. es una Sociedad dedicada a la  administración de negocios, en sentido amplio, y a la prestación de servicios técnico-legales, con un amplio abanico de servicios.

Nuestra profesionalidad en el servicio a la empresa española nos avala para un eficaz y completo asesoramiento legal y fiscal a empresas, despachos profesionales, comerciantes, asociaciones, etc.

Uno de los objetivos de nuestra organización es la prestación de servicios profesionales de forma continuada, prestando asesoramiento y facilitando información de forma ágil y segura para la toma de decisiones empresariales, prestando servicios consistentes en procesos repetitivos, y,  en definitiva, ofreciéndonos como un  eficaz colaborador en la función gerencial.

Asesoramiento que pretendemos se extienda al ámbito personal del cliente, ya  sea en actuaciones que lleven aparejados conocimientos jurídicos, fiscales,  laborales, etc.

Lógicamente, nuestros servicios tambien se extienden a la preparación y defensa del cliente ante situaciones especiales como despidos, regulaciones de empleo, suspensiones de pagos, quiebras,  inspecciones fiscales, etc.


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