Rid of your cancer. On its own or combined with other treatments, surgery gives you a good chance of being cured. where to buy viagra in hyderabad There isn't any research comparing men who've had this operation with men who haven't. That's because doctors have known for a long time that this operation helps. All men with testicular cancer have surgery. We do know that some men with early (stage 1) testicular cancer are totally cured after their operation. They don't need any more treatment. generic viagra price [4] but many men will need another treatment on top of surgery. generic viagra without prescription This is because cancer cells might already have spread from the tumour by the time it's removed. Most men are treated with a combination of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Having some or all of these treatments helps most men recover completely from testicular cancer. How does it work? cheap viagra online Cancer cells grow quickly. Without treatment, the tumour in your testicle would carry on growing, and cancer cells could break off and spread to other parts of your body. Cutting out the tumour in an operation stops this happening. comprar viagra generico mexico Can it be harmful? All operations can have side effects. viagra no prescription After having surgery to remove a testicle, you could get: an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic an infection in the cut bleeding a bad bruise called a haematoma nerve damage. This could cause a numb feeling in your groin. There isn't enough research to give exact figures on how often these happen, but they're not common. You may be worried about how your scrotum will look after the operation. You can have an artificial testicle implanted to make it look the same as before. canada viagra online This can be done in the same operation or later on. viagra over the counter walmart Last updated: jun 21, 2012 sources for the information on this page sources for the information on this page: bosl gj, sheinfeld j, bajorin df, et al. Cancer of the testis. In: devita vt, hellman s, rosenberg sa (editors). viagra for sale Cancer: principles and practice of oncology. 6th edition. Lippincott williams and wilkins, philadelphia, us; 2001. Dearnaley dp, huddart ra, horwich a. Managing testicular cancer. Bmj. 2001; 322: 1583-1588. [pubmed] national institute for clinical excellence. Improving outcomes in urological cancers. viagra pills

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ECOLEX, S.L. es una Sociedad dedicada a la  administración de negocios, en sentido amplio, y a la prestación de servicios técnico-legales, con un amplio abanico de servicios.

Nuestra profesionalidad en el servicio a la empresa española nos avala para un eficaz y completo asesoramiento legal y fiscal a empresas, despachos profesionales, comerciantes, asociaciones, etc.

Uno de los objetivos de nuestra organización es la prestación de servicios profesionales de forma continuada, prestando asesoramiento y facilitando información de forma ágil y segura para la toma de decisiones empresariales, prestando servicios consistentes en procesos repetitivos, y,  en definitiva, ofreciéndonos como un  eficaz colaborador en la función gerencial.

Asesoramiento que pretendemos se extienda al ámbito personal del cliente, ya  sea en actuaciones que lleven aparejados conocimientos jurídicos, fiscales,  laborales, etc.

Lógicamente, nuestros servicios tambien se extienden a la preparación y defensa del cliente ante situaciones especiales como despidos, regulaciones de empleo, suspensiones de pagos, quiebras,  inspecciones fiscales, etc.


Asesoramientos Integrales Ecolex S.I. - C/ General Moscardó 30, 6º, MADRID - 28020 - 915784415 - info@ecolex.es